Essential Worker Documentation

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As states across the country issue orders to quarantine or shelter in place, HomeCentris and other healthcare companies are continuing to provide services to our patients who need our help.  If a Maryland law enforcement official requires you to show documentation to understand the essential  nature of what you do, we have prepared a letter to present if you are questioned.

Click the link below to display your letter.  You may print from your home or visit your local HomeCentris Healthcare location to obtain one.  If you are unable to print from home and cannot visit our offices, please call 410-486-5330 and requested a mailed copy.  Also, be sure to have your employee badge with you at all times when performing client/patient visits.  It may be required by law enforcement.  The HomeCentris logos on the badge and the letter below will help verify your employment.

Thank you for continuing to provide care during this emergency.

Essential Worker Letter