HomeCentris Caregivers

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We have just learned that some Maryland counties are making the COVID-19 vaccine available to personal care caregivers as part of Phase 1.  This is only some counties, not all, depending on their supplies.  This is an expansion of Maryland’s prior plan to vaccinate only nurses and therapists from home health agencies in Phase 1.  You will need to contact your local health department to inquire whether they are vaccinating personal care caregivers.

If you are interested in receiving a vaccine, please click here for a link to your local health department.  You will need to contact them to schedule an appointment.  In addition to your appointment, you may need:

  1. Photo ID,
  2. Your HomeCentris badge,
  3. A letter from your employer proving employment.  Click here for the HomeCentris letter.

After receiving the vaccine, please send a picture of your vaccination record to [email protected] or take to your local HomeCentris office.

Also, many of our staff have expressed concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.  Click here for information from the CDC and FDA.

We hope this is helpful.  Please re-read the post and then contact your HomeCentris office if you have further questions.