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Please bookmark this page.  We will continue to update it as county health departments send us new information.  Please remember that neither HomeCentris nor any other home care agency is vaccinating its own staff.  We are subject to the Governor’s priority plan and local health department distribution plans.  We will continue to monitor the announcements and pass them along to you.  If your county is not listed below, we do not have specific information from them yet.  Please see our original post and continue contacting your local health department to learn more.

Remember, when you register or arrive, you will probably need the items listed in our original post.   Thank you for everything you do for our clients.  Stay safe.

Phase 1B (updated 1/18/21):

Maryland is now entering Phase 1B of its vaccination program.  The following Marylanders are now eligible for the COVID vaccine.

Baltimore City (updated 1/14/21):

Baltimore City has just made the vaccine available to non-hospital healthcare workers who LIVE or WORK in Baltimore City.  Please click here for specific instructions for information and to schedule your vaccination appointment.

Montgomery County (updated 1/14/21):

Please click this link for specific instructions.