As part of our combination with HomeCentris, we are making some improvements to make things easier for you and our clients.  One of these improvements will be visible on your next paycheck.  We would like to explain this to you.  Please read below.

Change 1:  Different Payroll Vendor (All Grace employees)

First, we are changing our payroll vendor from ADP to Paylocity.  As a result, your paycheck or paystub will look a little different.  The check/stub color will be different, and you will see a Paylocity logo where ADP’s logo used to be.  However, your employer is still Grace Home Healthcare, LLC and that will show on your check.  This is only a new payroll company and it will not impact you.  Your pay stubs or checks will be mailed to you from the Fairfax office.

If you currently have direct deposit, there will be no changes due to our new payroll company.  We have loaded all your bank account and direct deposit information into Paylocity and there should not be any changes to that process.  If you currently receive a paper check and would like to sign up for direct deposit, please click this link.  If asked for a password, use “phc”

At the end of the year, you will only receive one W2 statement, but it will come from Paylocity, not ADP.  We have loaded all of your 2021 earnings and balances into Paylocity to simplify your year-end tax preparation.

Change 2.  Simplifying Your Pay Rates (PCAs only)

We have decided to simplify your pay rates.  This simplification will not decrease how much you make.  Today, many of you receive an hourly base rate plus an amount of “compensation” that makes up your final pay.  We believe this “compensation” is too difficult to understand or explain.  We believe it should be easy for you to understand your earnings.  Therefore, we have combined your old base rate and your “compensation” into a new base rate.  You will simply see a new hourly base rate without the “compensation” addition.

For those of you working over 40 hours per week, you will be paid overtime for those hours at 150% of your new base rate.

Here is an example of the new paystub.  This is just an example.  Your numbers will be different.  The red arrows show the old base rate of $9.50, the new base rate of $11.25 called REG1, and the new overtime rate of $16.88 called OT1.  The blue arrows represent your 2021 year to date earnings from the prior ADP payroll company.  They are here for reference.

Please Call Us

We know you will have questions.  Based on the different rates and hours, it isn’t possible to give a good example that would address everyone’s situation.  If you have any questions about this, please call Emily, Candace, or Danya in the office at (703) 865-7370.  We have your new pay rates ready and are available to discuss them with you.  We think you will be happy with the changes when you see them.

Thank you for all of your hard work with our clients.  Also, thank you for your patience as we work to streamline things for you to make them easier to understand and calculate.