Frequent Clock In/Clock Out Mistakes

HomeCentris Maryland Caregivers:

As you know from Orientation and our repeated communication, Maryland Medicaid stops paying HomeCentris for its home care services when our caregivers make continual clock in/clock out mistakes. They are concerned that a pattern of frequent errors may be a sign of fraud. As a result, they do not pay us for our services once you exceed their monthly threshold for mistakes.

It is your responsibility to record your time accurately and on time, every time.  This is a basic requirement of every job.  Most of you do this very well every month and we thank you for your dedication and attention to detail.  However, we are experiencing more frequent errors, and this is impacting our company.  HomeCentris can no longer be financially responsible for its employees’ time and attendance mistakes.  This means we cannot continue to pay our frequent offenders when Maryland does not pay us, due to your error.

Effective February 1, 2022, HomeCentris will no longer pay for an employee’s shift when your clock in/clock out errors cause non-payment by Maryland. Currently, Maryland’s limit is four mistakes per caregiver per month.  Maryland does not pay HomeCentris for your fifth, sixth, seventh, etc. mistake.  Please note that forgetting to clock in and out for the same shift counts as two errors.  This new policy will not impact anyone who records their time accurately. However, if you are constantly causing clock in/clock out errors, this policy will impact your pay. We simply cannot continue to absorb the financial losses of paying you when we are not paid due to your frequent errors.

If you have any questions or need more training on proper clock in/clock out procedures, please call your local agency office and talk with your Agency Director or Client Relationship Manager or the payroll department.

The link below shows our official policy.

Hours Over Authorization Policy