What Is In-Home Care and Who Needs It?

As we grow older, our sense of identity and wellbeing is often tied to the place we live.  Therefore, it is no surprise that most seniors prefer to live and age at home, surrounded by the people and things they love.  Unfortunately, too many seniors — and their loved ones — think that admitting a decline in their abilities might result in being “sent away” to a nursing facility.  The reality is that the vast majority of seniors do not need this extreme level of care.  However, as we age, many of us could benefit from a quality in home care service.  This common misunderstanding is why HomeCentris Frederick made it our mission to these resources to seniors who need extra help.

No matter how independent your senior may have been, it is likely they will ultimately need help managing those little things that add up.  Perhaps they need help managing their home or running errands. Maybe they need help organizing and keeping up with their medications, doctor’s visits, and bills.  Maybe they need help with nutrition, personal health, or hygiene.  In addition, perhaps they need more companionship than their family and friends can provide.  If any or all of these are true, in-home care might be the right choice for the senior in your life.

How to Choose In-Home Care Services

Because there are many options, it is important when you are looking for a quality in-home care service you senior and caregiver laughing togetherestablish some criteria.  When selecting a home care provider, it can be useful to remember that you are looking for the right fit for you and for the person you care about. In this sense, it is important to evaluate your family’s situation before you begin your search, and let that guide your selection.  Here are some of the things to help you choose a quality in-home care service:

  • Know your needs.  Is the senior in your life having trouble with personal hygiene and grooming?  With managing medications?  With scheduling doctor’s visits and running errands?  Assessing these needs will not only make it clear what kind of service is best for you and your family, but it will also help ease the transition into in-home care services.
  • Reach out to family, friends, and people in the community.  Have people at your job, school, or church used an in-home care service?  A good recommendation can go a long way.  Ask them what they thought or think of the service they used, and ask them why.
  • Make sure you know your budget.  There is nothing worse than finding your dream agency only to discover that you have not budgeted for it properly.  Most agencies charge an hourly rate.  Before you even begin contacting in-home care services, be realistic with yourself about how much you will be able to spend.
  • Reach out to in-home care agencies directly.  After assessing your situation and consulting with friends and family, begin the process of contacting your targeted agencies.  It may take time, but all agencies should be willing to set up home visits and to answer your questions and concerns.
  • Make sure you find the right fit.  Remember, finding the right in-home care service for your loved one is not about hiring the biggest name or the most expensive agency.  It is all about finding the right fit.  The senior in your life will be spending a lot of time with the person you hire.  It is worth the time to make sure she or he is the right person for you and your family.

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