Home Care Coordination for Referral Partners

HomeCentris 360

Choosing a home care partner can be difficult.  There are many choices out there.  Choosing the right partner can improve your patients’ experience and your institution’s reputation.  Even further, aligning with the right home care company can help streamline your discharge processes and improve your outcomes.  When evaluating HomeCentris as your home care partner, consider how we can help you with our HomeCentris 360 home care coordination.

Streamline your Discharge Processes:

Your discharge department is busy.  Its staff faces a never ending list to discharge and coordinate post-discharge care.  In addition, the discharge staff constantly faces from patients and families about what happens when they get home.  The job can be overwhelming.  HomeCentris can help.  In many locations, we offer personal care services, skilled home health services, and even primary care house calls.  Where we do not offer all of these services in-house, we can help coordinate them with trusted community partners.  Our full service offering allows your staff to make one phone call rather coordinating care among several providers.  This will not only save your staff time, but will improve the patient’s experience as well.  Our Admissions Department is trained to listen closely to a patient’s needs.  Then, they can help coordinate all the services that will help them remain safe at home.

Improve Your Facility’s Outcomes:

Healthcare today is data-driven and outcomes-oriented.  Consumers increasingly measure health care providers against their peers and industry standards.  Whether you are a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility, HomeCentris 360 can help.  For example, a key outcome for healthcare facilities is how many of their patients are re-hospitalized after a discharge.  HomeCentris 360 constantly monitoring its patients for signs of hospitalization risk.  When we determines there may be risk factors, our care coordination group works to identify additional services that may help keep patients at home.  In addition, we partner with CRISP, Maryland’s Health Information Exchange, to know when and why are clients are visiting the emergency department.  This further allows us to coordinate resources and help keep our clients at home.

HomeCentris 360: Home Care Coordination In Action

HomeCentris 360 Diagram

Whether you are a discharge planner or a facility executive, HomeCentris 360 can help improve your processes and improve your outcomes.  We monitor existing clients for signs of potential hospitalizations in our Care Coordination meetings and discuss possible interventions with the client, their family, and their primary care provider.

Home Care Coordination Case Studies

To illustrate the HomeCentris 360 in action, here are two case studies of actual HomeCentris clients.  These clients were unhappy in their institutional settings.  With HomeCentris 360, they were able to move home due to our full service offering of in-home services and our active care coordination.

Case Studies of HomeCentris 360


















If these kinds of solutions might be a good fit for your patients, please call us.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and design a collaborative solution.