Primary Care:

HomeCentris Community Care combines primary care with convenience. Our caring and experienced nurse practitioners can serve as an extension to your regular doctor and perform many of the routine services you normally receive in your doctor’s office. However, we can do it in your building or make house calls to your home.  See how we can help you.

Best of all, you don’t need to change your doctor to see us. We collaborate with your primary care so you receive the most complete care possible.

Our service works the same way as your doctor’s office or any other outpatient therapy office. You call HomeCentris Community Care or fill the form below to make an appointment. Our Healthcare Coordinator will talk to you about your needs and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

The only difference is that instead of traveling to your doctor’s office, our Nurse Practitioners and Physical Therapists are right in your building or will come to your home.


Under Maryland law, a Nurse Practitioner can be your primary care practitioner and perform many of the same services your doctor performs.  Our compassionate Nurse Practitioners have years of experience.  Here are some things our nurse practitioners can do:

  1. Diagnose Illnesses
  2. Conduct Physical Exams
  3. Perform Wellness Checks
  4. Perform Blood Work
  5. Prescribe Medications
  6. Change Existing Medications
  7. Monitor Coumadin Levels
  8. Prescribe Diagnostic Tests (x-rays, EKG)
  9. Monitor Blood Pressure Levels
  10. Prescribe Physical Therapy

Let us make life easier. Call or fill out the form below today for an appointment.


You do not need to change your doctor to see our Nurse Practitioner. Our staff will coordinate with your current doctor.
Here are some reasons to consider:

  1. More convenient for routine checks and medication management.
  2. You do not feel well enough to travel across town to your doctor.
  3. You cannot get to your doctor due to weather or transportation.
  4. Your doctor is not immediately available and you need to be seen by someone.

Our staff works with your existing doctor to ensure your care is coordinated and your doctor is aware of treatments and test results.