Ancillary Services

HomeCentris has a growing list of ancillary services available to our clients or referral sources.  As with all HomeCentris offerings, our ancillary services are designed to help clients remain safe and independent at home.

Personal Emergency Response System

HomeCentris offers a Personal Emergency Response System or “PERS” device called HomeCentris Health Link.  With the Health Link, help for you or a loved one, is only a button away.  Unlike most PERS systems which are tied to a base station and a land line phone, the Health Link is a totally portable cellular device which works wherever the wearer may go.  Included with the Health Link is GPS tracking.  This feature will help authorities pinpoint the device’s location in case your loved one becomes lost or confused.  In addition, the Health Link is waterproof meaning it can be worn in the shower, a frequent fall location.   Finally, our call center supports over 100 different languages to ensure you or your loved one can always talk to someone who understands you.  If you think our PERS device would be right for you, contact us to discuss the Health Link program.


Wellness Nurse Services

HomeCentris provides wellness nurses to senior living facilities that may be interested in adding a health care component to their residential model.  Our wellness nurses can:

  • Perform wellness assessments
  • Provide basic health screenings,
  • Conduct educational health seminars,
  • Assess dietary patterns and make recommendations,
  • Evaluate sleep patterns,
  • Refer and coordinate primary care or diagnostic services.

If your senior living facility would like more information on adding a wellness nurse to your service offering, contact HomeCentris today.


Vaccine Clinics

HomeCentris conducts vaccine clinics at many senior living facilities throughout Maryland.  Let our nurse practitioners and skilled nurses handle all the setup and paperwork for your residents.  Our clinical team will do a basic health screening before administering the vaccine and handle all the billing so you can focus on running your facility.  In most cases, our vaccine clinics are billed to your resident’s Medicare Part B insurance or other supplementary insurance.  If you would like to discuss our services to keep your facilities healthy and protect your occupancy, contact us today.