Transitional Care Services Program

It can be difficult when you or a loved one return home after a hospitalization or a stay in a rehab facility.  In addition to the stress and trauma of your recent experience, you now have to re-acclimate yourself to your home while still recovering from your episode.  Further, it may have been some time since you were home and you may need help getting your living conditions back up to speed.  Our Transitional Care Services Program is designed to provide short-term assistance and support to help you avoid a re-hospitalization by helping with your discharge, providing transportation home, and helping provide the support you need to remain safe at home.

Discharge Assistance

The best time to start planning your transition home is while you are still in the hospital or rehab facility.  Therefore, when you contact us, we will send one of our specially trained Community Liaisons to you to discuss your situation and create a plan to transition you back home.  When your discharge day comes, we can be with you to assist with transportation home and make sure we account for all your possessions.  Our Transitional Services caregivers are vetted as safe drivers and are fully insured with our company insurance.

In-Home Support and Errands

If you haven’t been home for awhile, you may need help getting your living space ready.  This may include light housekeeping or restocking your supplies and our Transitional Services caregivers can help.  Here are some services our staff can provide:

  • Picking up medications
  • Grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance in communicating with family or medical professionals
  • Running errands

With our Transitional Services support, you can leave the work to us while you rest and recover at home.

Personal Care Services

Once you are home, our Transitional Services with your customized care plan, can begin.  Our compassionate caregivers are available to help you with all the Activities of Daily Living, including:

  • Personal Care and Hygiene.  To enhance your overall feeling of well-being, our caregivers can assist you with things like bathing, showering, shaving, dressing, skin care, and dental care.
  • Walking Assistance, Transferring and Positioning.  Sometimes you may need a little help and encouragement to move around your residence and find a comfortable position in your favorite chair. We can also help with any devices you may use like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.
  • Meal Preparation and Assistance with Eating.  Many of our clients need help preparing meals and eating. From food shopping, to meal preparation, to assistance with dietary restrictions, our caregivers will be there for you.
  • Assistance with Toileting.  From reminders to assistance, our caregivers can help.
  • Light Housekeeping and Errands.  Our caregivers can help with light housekeeping chores such as organization, straightening up, de-cluttering, washing dishes, and vacuuming. We can also help with organizing mail, trips to bank, trips to the pharmacy, escorting you to medical appointments, and helping you coordinate with any community-based programs you may use.
  • Laundry and Linen Washing.  We can help with washing your personal clothes, washing your linens and towels, folding clothes, and making beds.
  • Safety Monitoring and Companionship.  Sometimes our clients just want someone to whom they can talk. Our compassionate caregivers will ensure you are secure in your residence and lend an ear when you want to talk.

Our care plans for personal care services help you or your family member remain independent and protect or enhance your lifestyle.  Let us help you remain at home, where you want to be.

Environmental Assessment

Part of the care plan will consist of an Environmental Assessment to ensure your residence is safe and free from hazards such as fall risks, bathroom accidents, etc.  Our caregivers are trained in recognizing hazards and have a special tool to assess your residence and identify possible risks.  After the assessment, our staff will share these risks with you and work with you to address them to help ensure you remain safe at home.

Personal Emergency Response System (“PERS”)

The final piece of HomeCentris’ Transitional Service Program is the HomeCentris Health Link.  The Health Link is a Personal Emergency Response System (“PERS”) device.   The PERS device provides 24/7 monitoring provided by agents certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (“IAED”) and are equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations anytime, day or night.

While most medical alert devices don’t work outside the home or require a separate unit or landline, the Health Link is truly mobile.  Our clients will reach a multi-lingual call center providing support for assistance in over 100 languages.  Health Link can also provide falls detection technology. When a fall is detected, the call center will be automatically contacted.  An Agent will speak with the client through the Lively device and get the help needed.

With this PERS solution in place, you will have 24/7 assistance in place to help you feel confident at home.

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