What Makes HomeCentris Different?

HomeCentris 360

There are a lot of home care companies.  Some estimate there are over 25,000 personal care companies and over 10,000 home health companies.  With that many choices, it’s easy to view home care as a commodity.  So what makes what makes home care companies different?  At HomeCentris, it is our HomeCentris 360 full-service offering and our care coordination model.  Compared to single service providers…

Best of all, we coordinate these services for our clients.

  • We actively monitor our clients for new risks and recommend solutions to help them remain at home.
  • We help coordinate in-home services that we do not offer.

This integrated home care offering is unique.  It allows us to greatly simplify the experience while helping our clients stay safe at home.

We call this comprehensive offering HOMECENTRIS 360.  By taking a 360 degree, patient-centered approach, we constantly evaluate a patient’s needs.  From there, we coordinate the services and resources to keep them safe and empower them to stay at home.  Our competitors can’t do this.  Read more below.