HomeCentris 360 For Clients and Families

Choosing a home care company can be difficult.  It can be even more challenging when a medical emergency or the sudden change of a health condition forces the choice upon you.  Even worse, some families live miles or states apart.  Finding the right home care partner under these circumstances can cause worry and anxiety.  As you begin your search, you may face many of these questions:

confused seniors

These are all real questions that seniors and their families face when choosing a home care company.  We hear them every day.  Worse, you may be talking with multiple agencies, each with different guidance and requirements.  Finally, you may face a whole new healthcare vocabulary during an already uncertain time.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  HomeCentris offers many of these in-home services under the same roof.  In addition, we will take the time to explain them all.  Our single point of contact will make coordinating your care less stressful and will shorten time needed to start your care.  Let us simplify the confusing situation above into a comprehensive, less stressful, customized service offering like the one below.

Happy patients with HomeCentris 360

HomeCentris offers home care, skilled home health, transitional services to help get home, and primary care (house calls) in most of our agencies.  This makes us unique in home care.  If this kind of experience would make your search easier and less stressful, please contact your local HomeCentris office to see how HomeCentris 360 can work for you.

HomeCentris 360, one more way we are “empowering people to remain in the community through innovative health solutions.”