1st Client Relationship Manager Retreat

On March 30, 2023, HomeCentris hosted its first Client Relationship Manager Retreat at the Maritime Conference Center.  The idea for the daylong meeting came from a HomeCentris Leadership Retreat session discussing how critical a role the CRMs played in our success.  From that first idea, the meeting came together quickly.  Brittany Watson (HR Manager), Zalina Tsarni (CRM), and Trinara Jones (CRM) spearheaded creating an agenda to provide training a support to our group of CRMs.  100% of our CRMs attended and all had a very positive experience.

Our CRMs are the “quarterbacks” of the company.  They handle client requests, work with referral sources, speak to families, and ensure our caregivers are showing up on time.  In short, they are the primary point of contact for all client related communications.

In addition to the training at the retreat, the biggest impact was the networking and support among the CRMs, many of whom do not work in the same office and had not met.  All of the CRMs were relieved to know that everyone experienced the same challenges and concerns across the company.  Thank you to Britt, TJ, and Zalina for putting this together.  Nice work.  From the meeting, we have scheduled follow-up trainings and monthly “town hall” Teams meetings.

The theme of the meeting was the HomeCentris Oscars.  As you can see from the pictures, it came complete with a red carpet and formal attire.  Click the link below to see all the pictures and a special Thank You to Zalina’s daughter for her time as our official photographer.

HomeCentris Retreat by Tsceneri (pixieset.com)