Compassion in Home Care in Frederick

Compassion in home care in Western Maryland is the most important element that contributes to a senior’s quality of life.  Unfortunately, there comes a time where everyone must depend on another for the activities of daily living and to maintain quality of life.  Many times, professional caregivers are required to deliver these needed services but making that first call to a home care agency can seem frightening.  However, once families engage with someone that illuminates compassion, it gives them a sense of relief.

Examples of Compassion in Home Care.

Compassion in home care provides positive experiences for home care clients.  As a result, they express a feeling of being cared for which allows them to remain at home.  HomeCentris strives to match our clients with compassionate, compatible caregivers, which builds respect, trust, and client satisfaction.  One of our clients recently said, “The HomeCentris staff was outstanding. They are professionals filled with passion and compassion!  Even after discharge, they remained available to answer questions that I had.”  ~ Rosemarie G.

My Experience.

As Rosemarie shared her experience, I would love to share mine.  About 11 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  My mother was a very independent woman.  She was a schoolteacher, mother, wife, daughter, and Pastor.  This was the kind of woman that did not allow grass to grow under her feet.  She always gave herself willingly to others.  She led with compassion in her heart in all that she did.  Even when her health limited her ability to care for herself, she did her best to assist others who were helping her.Senior and Caregiver smiling

After a fulfilled and successful life, she became ill and could no longer provide her time to others.  As a family, we had cared for our mother at home, but now we needed professional services to assist.  This was a scary moment for my family.  Asking someone to come into our home to care for our loved one was unsettling.  We wondered if they would care for her as we had.  Therefore, we asked many questions to understand whom that person would be, professionally and personally.  But there comes a point where you must do something and decide.

Ultimately, we found comfort that these were professionals, and had the skills necessary to care for my mother.  My family and I found comfort in a professional that showed compassion for my mother.  It is not what they said, but rather how they made us feel.  They took time to understand my mother’s illness, listened to our concerns, and provided feedback on what they heard.  It was a blessing to know that we had genuine and compassionate people caring for my mother.

What Compassion in Home Care in Frederick Means at HomeCentris.

As an experienced health care provider, I believe the most important comfort we can give a client is compassion.  Compassion is defined as understanding the suffering of others then taking action to help.  Every day, we receive calls from families looking for personal care services for their loved one.  Each caller has a unique situation and they should expect the home care representative will display a sense of compassion.  No matter the situation, they are asking us to act!  Therefore, it is important for us to listen and understand why you are calling us.  Compassion is more than a word; it is an action.

At HomeCentris Healthcare, Compassion is one of our core values.  Here are some examples of what it means to us:

  • We smile and say hello to our clients, patients, family members, and co-workers.
  • We think with our hearts.
  • We try to emotionally connect with others.
  • We take extra time to reassure and explain our procedures to our clients and patients.
  • We feel others’ pain as our own.
  • We show empathy and patience towards every person we touch and serve.
  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Five Defining Attributes of Compassion in Home Care in Frederick.

According to some scholars, compassion in healthcare requires five defining attributes to be present: recognition, connection, altruistic desire, humanistic response and action.  Below are some of the stages that home care agencies and their caregivers should display in providing compassion in home care.

  1. Recognition of Client’s Situation
    • Possible disability
    • Increasing pain
    • Deteriorating quality of life
  2. Creating a Connection between Client and Caregiver
    • Thoughtfulness
    • Knowledge of client’s needs and situation
    • Active communication skills
    • Professional role
  3. Altruistic Desire to Help
    • Practice culture
    • Proactive
    • Personal experiences
    • Feeling good after helping others
  4. Human-Centered Response from Caregiver
    • Unselfishness
    • Ability to manage challenging situations
    • Clinical listening skills
    • Engagement
  5. Action Requirements
    • Caregivers have the skill to act,
    • They have an understanding of the appropriate response,
    • Caregivers seek permission to act,
    • Finally, they show appropriate responsive energy.

If these compassionate components are present, clients will feel content, satisfied, and will form a bond with their caregiver.  In addition, they will feel respected, understood, and will be happier.

Listen When You Call.

When calling home care agencies, ask yourself if these compassion in home care attributes are being displayed.  For example, did you receive a good feeling that this will be a good fit for your loved one?  Was the agency able to provide acceptable responses to your concerns?  Did they truly listen? These are questions you should ask yourself when looking for help.  The most amazing thing about HomeCentris, we will help you navigate the process.  After our discussion, we will design a care plan and get you the services you need, even if we cannot provide them all.

We will communicate all costs upfront with no hidden fees.  If you are unable to pay privately, HomeCentris is Maryland’s largest Medicaid waiver home care provider.  As a result, we can help you navigate that program.  Our team will help you from beginning to end and provide compassionate home care to your loved one.


In conclusion, choosing a senior care provider can be a demanding and frightening task.  However, it may be a necessary decision to keep your loved one at home and out of an institutional setting.  HomeCentris is here to help no matter what course of action you decide to take.  If you and your family are interested in learning more about our services call us today at 240-236-9855 or visit the HomeCentris of Frederick website.