COVID-19 Vaccination Records – HomeCentris Staff

As COVID 19 vaccinations become widely available to our caregivers and clients, we need to keep a record of our employees who have received the COVID Vaccination(s).  While HomeCentris does not mandate its staff be vaccinated, we do work in many environments that may require vaccinated staff.  In addition, many of our clients are requesting staff who has been vaccinated.  In order to best serve these clients, we need to know which of our employees has received the vaccine.


If you have received your COVID vaccination, please submit a copy of your vaccine record to [email protected] or upload it below.  Every HomeCentris employee who submits their record by June 30, 2021 will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Fire Smart TV.

If you have already submitted your record, thank you, you will be entered into the drawing.  If you haven’t sent in your record yet…. What are you waiting for?

The drawing is Friday July 2, 2021.