COVID Vaccine Information for Healthcare Workers

HomeCentris Employees:

HomeCentris wants to help keep you safe and healthy.  We also want to make sure you have the best available COVID information.  We believe in your right to make your own medical decisions.  However, after consultation with our medical resources, we recommend vaccination.  We believe the vaccine is safe and will help protect you and your family against COVID.  Also, because we care for people in poor health that need our help, we also believe vaccination is the best way to keep our clients safe from COVID.

Therefore, we have compiled information for you regarding the COVID vaccine including recent updates, FAQs, and informational videos.

Here are some recent updates.

  • The Federal Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved the Pfizer vaccine for standard use.

  • The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are still authorized by the FDA through an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

  • On November 4, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) issued a mandate for COVID vaccination or weekly testing for all employees at companies with over 100 employees.  There are medical and religious exemptions available under the mandate.  The mandate requires vaccination by January 4, 2022 or weekly testing and masking while at work.

  • The 5th Circuit Court stopped the mandate pending a trial and OSHA has stopped its implementation activities until the legal review is complete.

  • HomeCentris is not currently requiring vaccination.  However, it is possible that the OSHA mandate will be upheld.  In that case, our hands will be tied and we will be required to make progress towards having everyone vaccinated.  We will continue to monitor the legal challenges to these mandates and keep you updated.  If you are leaning towards vaccination or need additional education, we urge you to move forward with these activities now.


In an effort to make information gathering easier for all, HomeCentris has assembled some resources to help you stay informed and make educated decisions.  We encourage you to use these resources along with other reputable resources and the advice of your personal doctor, as you make the important decision about vaccination.

Remember, when you get vaccinated, it is critical that you send your vaccination card to HomeCentris so we can keep our records up to date.  To send your card, take a picture and email it to [email protected] or upload it from our Staff Resources page.

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