HomeCentris is officially offering a work from home benefit in 2022.  The goals of the program are to:

  • Acknowledge the changing, competitive workforce environment,
  • Provide the same level of support to our clients, patients, referral sources, and field staff,
  • Allow the company to function at the same level as an in-office model,
  • Comply with health care regulations requiring physically staffed office hours,
  • Do not place any excess burden on staff physically in the office,
  • Be uniform and evenly enforced throughout the company,
  • Be fair and equitable to all office staff.

To evaluate this program, see the Work From Home Open Enrollment Slides and the Work from Home Policy.

All office staff is required to positively enroll or not enroll in this program.  Please complete the form below to notify us of your election.  After you submit, the HR department will be notified, and you will receive a copy for your files.

Work From Home Agreement
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