Healthy Living for Seniors

Engage your Mind, Body, and Spirit for Healthy Living

HomeCentris is committed to healthy living for seniors and to helping clients live safe at home, in their community for as long as possible.  Clients often find themselves dealing with struggles.  These struggles are all a part of life and often, cannot be avoided.  Strengthening the connection between the mind, body, and spirit is a great way work through stressors.  Developing Mind, Body and Spirit strategies takes time and efforts.  We will discuss several strategies and practices during this article.  You will learn some key principles and how well they work together to benefit you overall health.

Breathing – Healthy Living for Seniors

Certain breathing techniques stimulate a real relaxation response in the body.  “Mindful” breathing is a slow and deliberate exercise of deep breathing where the individual inhales slowly and deeply, hold the breath for a few moments and then slowly exhales.  The key is to focus on breathing and to breathe slowly.  This simple and scientifically proven stress-reducing technique can be done anywhere and will immediately initiate a relaxation response throughout the body and support health living for seniors.

Meditation – Healthy Living for Seniors

Meditation refers to a practice of releasing distractions, calming the mind and being present in the moment.  Some people refer to it as “emptying” the mind.  By allowing yourself to mentally focus on a single, peaceful word, for example, can create a feeling of relaxation.  Reduce stimulation in the room, turn off the television or radio and close the door to help keep the room quiet.  Sit comfortably and loosen any tight or restrictive clothing.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply.  While breathing, slowly picture in your mind a peaceful, calming word or place.  Some people practice meditation for years before they are able to empty their mind of thoughts to their satisfaction.

Visualization – Healthy Living for Seniors

Visualization is taking a “mental vacation” that you create in your mind.  Close your eyes and picture a peaceful and comfortable setting that you enjoy.  Try to imagine all the details. For example, if you are lying on a beach, feel the warmth of the sand under your body and the heat of the sun on your skin.  Hear the waves lapping on the beach.  Smell the salt air.  If the beach is not your favorite place, you can take yourself to the mountains or a park or anywhere.  Try to spend ten minutes enjoying and relaxing in your mind’s visualization.

Keep the Body Moving

Finally, exercise will help the body at any age and help health living for seniors.  The benefits include improved mood and sleep, renewed energy, clearer thinking, stress relief, stronger bones, greater flexibility, and endurance.  More benefits include enhanced muscle strength, improved organ and immune function and reduced tension.  Overall, increasing physical activity is one of the best ways people can prevent disease and injury.  Physical activity can reduce the risk of many negative health outcomes in older adults, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, several forms of cancers, depression, and falls.  Physical activity and motion reduces pain and improves function for those with arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Call to Action: Motion is the Lotion

  1. Choose an activity that is enjoyable to you.
  2. Begin slowly and pace yourself.
  3. Join a program or class at a Senior Center where there is supervision, fun and support from others.
  4. Grab a friend to join you for company and motivation.
  5. Keep an exercise journal to record progress.
  6. Celebrate successes in healthy ways.

Mind, Body, and Spirit for Healthy Living

Spring has Sprung!  With spring brings new life.  We hope you find these healthy living for seniors tips helpful to engage your Mind, Body, and Spirit for healthy living.  HomeCentris is committed to helping clients live safe at home, in their community for as long as possible.  Feel free to contact any of HomeCentris’ convenient locations if we can help you remain happy and healthy at home.