HOME is the New Center of Healthcare

We have all watched scenes from old movies where a kind looking man with a black briefcase in hand and a stethoscope around his neck walks into the home of a patient to deliver care. A reassuring word, some common- sense advice, and maybe even a prescription for medication. Care came to the patient. The home was the center of healthcare. It was timely. It was convenient. It was personalized. Over the decades, healthcare delivery has changed. Families dispersed. Medicine has advanced beyond all expectations. Specialization is the order of the day. We need to go to the orthopedist for this, the neurologist for that. MRI’s, EKG’s. Do I need a referral? Do you accept my insurance? What’s a PPO?

For decades, the hospital has been the center of healthcare delivery. That’s where you go when you are sick. That’s where you go to get better (hopefully). Recently, that has been changing. People want to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. Focusing on preventative measures like good nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and medication adherence can all help keep us healthier. When illness or injury does arise, care and support can be delivered to your doorstep. Nurses, caregivers, mobile testing and even primary care can all come to you!


Of course, this past year battling the COVID pandemic has changed so much, but for the trend of healthcare delivery in the home, it has only accelerated. Everyone desperately has tried to avoid hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. The only place that felt safe was our home. Much of the healthcare industry has stepped up to deliver care in the safety of this home environment. New programs like Hospital-at-Home and SNF (skilled nursing facility)-at-home bring enhanced healthcare capabilities to your home. Technology enhancements have allowed us to make “virtual visits” through telemedicine platforms. X-rays, labs and other clinical testing can be completed in the home. All the while, dedicated nurses and caregivers have continued to deliver care in the home.


HomeCentris Healthcare is a full service, in-home care provider. We offer skilled home health services which include nursing, physical and occupational therapy. Often times, these services are prompted by a change in condition, a hospitalization or a skilled nursing facility stay. These in-home services require a physician’s order to be initiated. Once started, the nurse or therapist visits the home each week to perform treatments, education, and training.  The visits also allow an individual and/or the caregiver to better manage their overall health. Services are designed to be short-term in nature, assisting the individual to get back to their baseline abilities. This service is typically covered by healthcare insurances including Medicare, Medicaid and other managed care providers.

HomeCentris Healthcare also offers in-home personal care services. These services include an aide coming into the home to assist with basic care needs like bathing/showering, dressing, meal preparations, medication reminders, assisting with medical appointments, social interaction, safety oversight and general companionship. Often, these services are required daily for an individual to remain safely and happy in their home. HomeCentris will work with a client and their family to better understand needs and preferences, then match one of our caregivers based on this understanding. Typically, these in-home personal care services are paid privately, out-of-pocket by the family. However, long-term care insurance, Medicaid (medical assistance) or other insurances may be an option. HomeCentris is very experienced in assessing payment options for families, including being the largest Medicaid-waiver personal care provider in Maryland.

Finally, much like the scene described at the beginning of the article (minus the black briefcase), HomeCentris Healthcare offers an in-home primary care service. This is a “house-calls” approach to primary care utilizing nurse practitioners to see patients that otherwise are challenged to get to see a doctor in an office setting. These services are performed under the direction and support of our medical director. They the same type of medical guidance and expertise as you would find in an office setting, only in the comfort of home. HomeCentris Healthcare accepts most insurances for this service including Medicare and Medicaid.


Growing concern for the safety of our loved ones has us thinking of better options to stay healthy and safe. Our homes are the best place to recover from illness or surgery. Being in the comfort of our own home is beneficial for our mental and emotional health as well. HomeCentris Healthcare is able and ready to make your home the new center of healthcare for you and your loved ones. To learn more, contact one of our convenient HomeCentris’ locations in Maryland,  Virginia, or Pennsylvania to connect to our array of home-based healthcare services.