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HomeCentris Apparel Store Open Now

Purchase your HomeCentris branded work shirts, t-shirts, scrubs, and accessories in the store now.

The store is only open from now until April 16th!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your HomeCentris swag here.

This initial apparel offering is a trial to gauge interest in HomeCentris branded apparel and accessories. If it goes well, we will run these specials a few times a year.

To keep your costs down, HomeCentris is paying for shipping for this trial period and all items are priced at cost. HomeCentris is not making a profit from any purchase.

Your order will be paid individually by you with a credit card. The store will close at the end of the day on April 16th and orders will be sent to your local HomeCentris office for you to pick up at your convenience.

Some items are available in the Owings Mills office for you to try on and test sizing. Please contact Robin Saxton to schedule time to stop by.

410-486-5330 ext. 143 or [email protected].