How Much Does Home Care Cost in Frederick, MD?

In study after study, it’s shown that nearly 90% of all adults want to stay home and age in place.  However, for Western Maryland families researching how to make this happen, the process can be stressful and overwhelming.  After determining the type of care required, one of the most common questions is, “how much does home care cost?” And rightfully so.  Whether you are looking for care for yourself or a family member, the financial impact of home care must be evaluated.

So how much does home care cost in Frederick and Western Maryland?  Unfortunately, the answer is, “it depends.”  Costs will be different based on the number of hours per day, the level of care, and your location.  In general, home care costs in Western Maryland may be less than in the Washington and Baltimore urban settings.  In addition, each client has a variety of needs and the cost depends on that situation. Unfortunately, this variability has created the idea that home care is expensive.  However, compared to other options like assisted living and skilled nursing, that is not accurate.

While most families think their parent will need full-time care, that is rarely the case.  Although there are live-in cases and 24/7 care for some clients, most clients receive only a few hours of care per day, a few days per week.  Good agencies will design a flexible solution that provides care only when clients need it to keep home care services affordable.

So how much does home care cost?  Okay, let’s look a few examples.  In each case, the cost is determined by the type and amount of care required.

Companion Care and Light Chores.

If you simply need some help around the house to ensure you are safe and independent, there is a low-cost solution for you.  Frederick agencies can structure a caregiver to come to your home and help with running errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and general companionship.  In these cases, your loved one may only require a few hours per day, three days per week.

A sample price may be:  3 hours per day x 3 days per week = $225 per week.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living 

Your loved one may need more care than chores and companionship.  They may need assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (“ADL”) that allow someone to remain independent and safe at home.  Examples of these activities include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence. The performance of these ADLs is important in determining what type of care a person will need as he or she ages.

If your family member needs help with ADLs, agencies will generally recommend more frequent and longer caregiver visits.  In addition, in Maryland, this care must be planned and supervised by a Registered Nurse.  Good agencies in Western Maryland will send a nurse to assess your family member and work with you to build a care plan to addresses these needs.  Thereafter, the nurse will return approximately every 90 days to reassess the client and guide the caregiver.  In some of these cases, the caregiver can be instructed to give medication reminders as well.

For ADL assistance, a typical cost might be:

  • Initial RN assessment = $100
  • Subsequent RN Visits = $85 every 90 days
  • Caregivers: 4 hours per day, 4-5 days per week = $400 to $500 per week.

Comprehensive Care

If your loved one needs more care, or you just want daily contact, there are comprehensive solutions that home care agencies can provide.  These range from daily assistance with ADLs, to medication administration, under the supervision of an RN, to 24/7 care.  Some agencies will even provide live-in care, but this is become rarer.  If you do require this level of support, don’t be afraid to negotiate on price.  Many agencies will discount their normal rates due to the higher number of hours.

  • Initial RN assessment = $100
  • Subsequent RN Visits = $85 every 45 days
  • Caregivers: 8 hours per day, 7 days per week = $1,400 per week.

Other Charges

In all scenarios, please know that there may be extra charges.  Home care agencies will generally require clients to purchase the supplies needed for care.  This may range from gloves and incontinence supplies, to groceries and cleaning supplies.  Many clients do not view this as extra cost as they would normally be purchasing these supplies.


As you can see, the cost of home care truly “depends” on the circumstances.  In many cases, a client will start with companion care and gradually increase their visit frequency and duration over time.  Your best bet is to narrow down your choice of agency based on recommendations, quality of care, whether the caregivers are employees or independent contractors, etc.  Once you have a small list, you should interview each agency and discuss the level of care and associated costs.  Good agencies will be happy to discuss this with you and structure a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

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