Kelly McMahon Joins HomeCentris to Lead Skilled Home Health Division

HomeCentris Healthcare, LLC (“HomeCentris”) today announced that Kelly McMahon, RN has joined the company to lead its skilled home health division.  HomeCentris has been actively growing this part of its business in Maryland since its initial skilled home health acquisition in May of 2019.  With HomeCentris’ recent personal care acquisitions in Pennsylvania and Virginia, the company will be looking to add skilled home health to its “HomeCentris 360” offerings.

“I am really excited about Kelly joining HomeCentris.  With her arrival, we are immediately a stronger skilled home health provider,” said Matthew Auman, CEO of HomeCentris.  “She has exactly the right combination of experience, leadership, and professionalism that we were looking for.  I’m looking forward to adding this service line to more of our existing locations and Kelly is the right person to lead this charge for us.  I’m really looking forward to working with her.”

Ms. McMahon joins HomeCentris with the directive to expand HomeCentris’ Maryland operations while opening skilled home health agencies in HomeCentris’ Virginia and Pennsylvania agencies.  Ms. McMahon has many years of experience in health care and in particular skilled home health and will be a big addition to HomeCentris’ leadership team.

“I am excited to join the HomeCentris team and am looking forward to help grow this fantastic organization. I am a firm believer that patients heal better in their own homes with their loved ones surrounding them and I am honored to be a part of that healing process.  In nursing school, our instructor Sister Noel imparted on us to always treat our patients as we would want our family members treated. To this day, I take that advice to heart and incorporate it in my practice.“

HomeCentris Healthcare, LLC is a company focused on bringing innovative home-based healthcare to seniors in the Mid-Atlantic region.  In addition to the non-skilled home care services, the company also offers skilled nursing and therapy services through HomeCentris Home Health and primary care services through HomeCentris Community Care.