There is a whole team involved in home care – clients, family caregivers, agency caregivers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, support planners, and other healthcare professionals. As your needs increase, the coordination among your team members becomes more important. As this occurs, many of our clients become overwhelmed by the prospects of managing their own care. Personal Home Care can help you manage this coordination.

Our Care Coordination service is specifically designed to help you coordinate care among all your team members. At the heart of our model is a Client Relationship Manager. This professional is a wealth of information and can arrange or coordinate many of the services you need. For example, we can schedule and re-schedule physicians appointments, make referrals to specialists, arrange for transportation, track lab results, contact family members or research why your medications were not delivered on time. Of course, if your home care needs change, your Client Relationship Manager can arrange meetings with your caregiver and Registered Nurse or arrange a referral to a home health agency.

Coordination. One more way Personal Home Care offers a continuum of services to keep you independent at home, where you want to be.